2021 Day Of Magic Mama’s Fundraiser

Boise To Bukavu has secured freedom for dozens of mother’s and newborn children in Bukavu. $50 of each event attendance will go to freeing a mother and child from captivity in the Eastern Congo this fall. We are asking attendees to consider an additional tax-deductible donation to secure freedom for additional mother’s and their newborns. $50 covers 1 natural birth fee, $250 covers 1 C-section birth fee.


The Eastern Congo faces an overlooked dire socio-economic and healthcare crisis- new mother’s unable to pay their delivery fee’s are forced to remain in hospital’s and clinic with their newborn until they can save enough money to pay their hospital bill. They are forced to remain in the hospital for months on end- often times this results in mother’s abandoning their children at the hospital where they are raised as orphans.

Project Action

Securing Freedom

Fidel Nshombo, a refuge and native of Bukavu, has been taking trips back to his hometown to help secure the release of dozens of mothers and newborns at the Bagira General Hospital. He then returns them to their homes to start the child’s life in peace.

Bringing Aide

We have been taking mosquito nets and shoes from the Shoe That Grows on each trip as well as supplying monetary aide to those in the maternity ward to alleviate the burden and cost of food and basics. We are looking for connections to any brands or companies with product that could help benefit the lives of these women and children.

Building a Future

We are building a primary school and farm in neighborhood many of these babies will grow up. Our aim is to provide education and job opportunities to change the tides of poverty in the area.

A Virtuous Cycle

With each trip, Fidel visits the mother’s and children from previous years. These mother’s have asked Fidel to help provide an education to their children. Boise To Bukavu has broken ground on a primary school and farm in the neighborhood of Bagira, in Bukavu.

As we build the school and farm, our goal is to continue to secure freedom for as many mother’s and babies as possible. These children will eventually be educated in the Boise To Bukavu primary school. Your donations gives these mothers and children the opportunity to start their lives in freedom.