Fidel’s Story and the Beginning of Boi 2 Buk

An Amazing Journey

How does someone survive more than a decade on the run, alone in Africa?  Why should a 12 year old have to spend the next 11 years of his life running from adults who meant to harm him?  How does such a person find the courage to survive and the hope that someday he will know a different life?  Meet Fidel Nshombo.  Fidel is 26 years old and he lives in Boise, Idaho.  He has known 3 years of peace in the United States.  In that time he has worked hard to heal the wounds of his past – wounds resulting from being separated from his parents and siblings for more than a decade; wounds resulting from constant threats of violence; wounds resulting from a constant lack of sustenance; wounds resulting from a life in harm’s way and no foreseeable way out.  The wounds were many and the wounds were deep.  Healing has been hard, but Fidel has known a hard life, and he is up to  difficult challenges.    fidel

Fidel is a great role model for young and old.  He has held a good job since he arrived in Boise, working for the Doubletre Hotel as a Night Auditor.  Fidel spends many hours helping new refugees to Boise understand how to succeed in life here.  He brings his amazing soccer talent to several local teams throughout the year, and he shares his journey of courage and hope with Boise students so that they may better understand life on the African continent, and the challenges of being a refugee in America.

In 2008 Fidel learned that he had family members alive in Africa.  His family’s journey has been dramatic, just like his.  Get to know his family members through this website and consider helping them survive as refugees (needing food, shelter healthcare and education) until they can be relocated and offered a self-sustaining future.