The Latest from Kampala

If you are new to this website, please see “Fidel’s History” for the start to this story.

Latest update:  Since their reunion the Nshombo family has maintained close contact with us.  Papa Nshombo has created a budget for Fidel that shows the family’s food and shelter expenses.  Fidel is planning to pay these going forward, and his Dad is looking at what sort of busines he might start to earn some income and start saving for life in a new country (we hope the United States).   Ugandans do not allow refugees to work for Ugnadan businesses, but they will let them start a business of their own.  This is difficult without some capital of course, but we hope Boise To Bukavu, Inc. can help with that.  (See our donations page!)   The children all want to be in school and we hope they will be able to enroll in the next semester of the Ugandan school year that starts February 2009.  (Again, see our donations page!)  Papa and Mama Nshombo plan to take English classes once the kids are in school to prepare themselves for life beyond Kampala.  (You know the drill, see our donations page).  This is a motivated family that is determined to find their way past a lot of hard years and provide a future for themselves and their children.  It is our privilege to know them and support their efforts.  Boise To Bukavu, Inc. was founded based on this family’s experiences in war-torn African countries, their fortitude, their faith, and their determination to become safe and self sufficient in a new country. 


Arnold called this morning to say “Merry Christmas”!   He asked how everyone in the family is, as he always does.  He tells me his family is feeling well.  His Mom and Dad just recovered from malaria picked up while traveling from Rwanda to Kampala most likely.  They were able to get medicine and feel better now.   We sent some money for the Nshombo’s to buy their kids some clothes for Christmas.  They are excited about that as they are in depserate need of some clothes.  We had sent a camera previously through a friend visiting Kampala and that camera just reached Arnold this week.  The family is excited to take and send pictures of themselves to us.  We will put them on this site when we get them.   We are heading off to visit  family for the holidays.  We’ll update again soon.  Holiday blessings to all.