Happy New Year!

Good news from the Nshombos.  They have used our first set of donations to enroll 4 of their 6 children in Kampala in school for the new semester starting in February ’09.   They held off on enrollinmg Arnold (17) and Judith (19), worried about the cost.   We have asked them to find out what it will cost to get Arnold and Judith enrolled in a school as we think this is a primary importance.  These kids have lost years of their life to war and family separation, and we believe now is their chance to create a future for themselves.   Schools are very inexpensive in Kampala and I hope Boise To Bukavu, Inc can soon support all 6 of the Nshombo kids in school as well as English lessons for Mama and Papa Nshombo.  

I talked to Arnold just this morning by email and he has agreed to write a piece every week or two for this blog to keep everyone updated on the family’s life in Kampala.   So, that will be coming soon.  First, he has to heal from malaria and concentrate on finding postential schools.  The family sent Fidel some wonderful pictures from his early childhood which we will post on this site soon.  Also, Arnold promises to use a new camera we sent him for Christmas to send pictures of the whole family soon!  It is wonderful for Fidel to get images from his youth and it will be particularly special when he can see some current pictures of his family in Kampala.  He has not seen any of them in more than a dozen years!  Fidel writes a blog that we will either post here or link to shortly too,  Happy new year to all.   Let’s make 2009 a year of opportunity for the Nshombo family!