Meet the Kinshasa Family

And Then There Were 16…

Our support, and the need for our support, increases with 6 more Nshombo family members needing support in Kisingali, Congo (in addition to the 10 family members living in Kampala, Uganda). Fidel’s older sister who was married and living separately from the Nshmbos in Uganda was suddenly widowed in 2010 and has no means to support her children. Miraculously, she does feed and clothe them, and they do have a roof over their heads only because she continued to build the house she and her husband had been building when he died very suddenly in the spring of 2010. She is now living there with her 5 children. The husband’s family wants her to sell the house and give them money from the sale – leaving her in an even more dire financial situation. So, his family has totally cut off any help for her or the kids since she continues to live in the house. She is scraping by (through determination and ingenuity), but we want to make sure she has enough money to cover the monthly school fees of her children. This averages only $42/month for her 5 children to attend 3 different schools in Kisingali.

One of the biggest successes of Boise to Bukavu, Inc. and the Nshombo family to date is that ALL Nshombo children are being provided an education while they live as refugees waiting for a brighter future in a safer place. Fidel’s father has managed to start paying some of the school fees for the Kampala schools 5 of his children attend, by doing some buying and selling of Congolese products where possible.

We continue to send monthly support to help the 10 Kampala Nshombo family members with food and housing costs. We need approximately $500 per month to adequately cover their housing and food needs. Fidel has contributed as often as possible to their food money from his own income as an interpreter and Doubletree hotel night auditor. B2B would like to see Fidel be able to channel his resources towards his own future prospects. He works tirelessly to help his family, which keeps him from being able to enroll in college and further his own earning and learning potential.

Contributions can be targeted to the Kampala or the Kinshasa Nshombos. if you choose not to specify which location you wish to support, we will gladly put you contribution in our general fund from which we support both families as needed. Donations may be made through this website using the Donate tab above. You may donate by check, credit card or Pay Pal.

Stay tuned to this webpage for updates on the Kinshasa family.