Boise To Bukavu joins the Karitas Foundation family

Good news for Boise To Bukavu.  We have officially been accepted under the Karitas Foundation umbrella – offering our donors tax deductible status.  Please visit the Karitas Foundation website ( to learn more about what this great organization is doing.   Donors can now write checks to the “Karitas Foundation”, with “Boise To Bukavu” in the check’s memo line.  These checks can be mailed directly to the Karitas Foundation’s address:  Karitas Foundation, 1275 Rose Lane, Berwyn, PA 19312

The foundation will forward 100% of all donated funds to Boise to Bukavu for use in our efforts to educate the Nshombo family.  All donors donating through Karitas will be able to claim their donation as tax deductible, which is not true when a donation is made directly to Boise to Bukavu.  So, if you need a good tax deduction for 2009, please consider sending a donation to the Karitas Foundation today!