Fidel and fellow refugees speak at ‘Global Day for Darfur’

Fidel recited 3 of his poems at “Global Day for Darfur’ this past Saturday.  What an important event the Idaho Darfur Coalition hosted for our community!  Concerned citizens gathered at the Boise Depot carrying signs to let our community know that the atrocities in Sudan must stop.  They walked to the Anne Frank Memorial where 2 Sudanese refugees living in Boise told their stories.  A Holocaust survivor spoke of the similarities between what is happening in Africa today with the horrors of the Holocaust, and how forgiveness has led to healing in her life.  Fidel read poems from his book of Poetry Route To Peace – available for purchase on this website!   His poems gave the audience insight into the lives of refugees.  They also offered insight into his own ability to deal with pain and suffering and find hope.  Sometimes the situation in far away countries seems too complicated and too distant to impact.  Fidel’s writing inspires us to believe in the difference we can make by keeping our hearts in the right place.  The Idaho Darfur Coalition is a good example of that.  They are committed to keeping our community aware of the suffering in this region of Africa, because we can take a stand against it.  Visit their website www.IdahoDarfurCoalition to become educated on the issues and to learn ways you can help.
Read Fidel’s story and his family’s story on this website to learn how you can help the Nshombo family have a future free of the horrors they have lived through for 20 years.  Please join us in offering this family hope by making a donation and/or buying Fidel’s book of poetry.  Thank you!