Summer is fast approaching (many would argue it’s here already given the 90 degree heat) and there is so much going on.  We’ve completed the raffle at Modern Art and it was a huge success – grossing over $1,200.  We greatly appreciate the support.  Other neat news is that a Boise State student is making a documentary of Fidel’s story.  I’ have a six minute preview and will post it here on this site as soon as I get permission.

As for what we’re doing with the money, we’re continuing to support the Nshombo family in Kampala, that of course being our principal objective right now.  Everyone is still in school, including Momma and Papa as they continue English classes, and relatively speaking all is well.

Our principal long term objective remains getting the family self-sufficient.  We’ve been working hard to help identify ways in which Congolese refugees in Uganda can earn any kind of income.  We have some ideas and always welcome more. One of the challenges is trying to do that job from Boise.  We really need ‘feet on the street’ in Kampala.

Driven partially by that objective, but much more so by pure emotion, our short term objective is to fly Fidel to Kampala in the late summer/early fall.  Fidel hasn’t seen his parents, nor the rest of his family, since he was 12.  We think it’s time.  We’re generating ideas now, not only for how to raise the money, but also how to keep everyone here in the states connected to Fidel’s next big adventure.  He’s such a great writer, it seems a shame not to able to share in this adventure with him

We’ll be continuing our fund-raising at events around Boise, and on this website.  Look at the ‘events’ page to see where we’ll be.