Happy New Year

Welcome 2010 and thanks for a great 2009.  Hard to believe but in 2009 we raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 for Fidel and his family.  (Exact numbers are on a different computer and I don’t feel like getting up and going to look at them.  🙂  )  And what a great year for gaining additional visibility.  Multiple articles about Fidel, and B2B in the Statesman, and then, just last month, an awesome article about  Peggy and her trip to Africa to visit them.  We have a real friend in Katherine Jones.

Not a whole lot to report on yet for 2010 other than we’ve udpated Fidel’s book again to make a few edits, changed publishers (Borderline Books right here in Boise) and added a great new cover.  The new cover is a picture of Fidel’s family while in one of the Refugee camps they lived in. 

We’re meeting soon with a variety of supporters to develop a plan for 2010.  As soon as that’s put together we’ll provide another update.

Until then – peace to you all and best wishes for this great new year.