Poetry Reading and Book Signing November 11th!

Idaho friends and supporters:  Fidel will be having a poetry reading and book signing at the Idaho Black History Museum on November 11th at 7pm.  Don’t miss this opportunity to support Fidel and his family who are still stuck in Uganda, praying for relocation to the United States.  It is also a chance for you to be inspired by his poetry which describes his personal journey as a refugee. 

Fidel had a wonderful reunion with his family this summer in Uganda and he is more inspired than ever to work hard and support them as much as possible.  Every dollar raised from books sold at the poetry reading will go directly to his family in the form of monthly food money and rent payments to keep them together in one house in Kamapala.   Fidel is also trying to support a sister living in the Congo who was widowed recently and has 5 young children.  There is great need among the Nshombo family – but also great hope, optimism, faith and love.

Please support Fidel and family.  Donate through the Donate tab above – or come to the book signing and support Fidel in person!


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