November/December 2010 News

PLEASE READ our B2B NEEDS page (see Tab above) for the Dec. 2010 post that identifies a new financial support opportunity for B2B supporters to help 5 nieces and nephews of Fidel’s in Kisingali, Congo who lost their father very suddenly approximaely 6 months ago. We need your help!

Fidel Nshombo mesmerized a crowd at the Idaho Black History museum in November with his moving poetry and his amazing way of articulating his journey through 28 years of life through about 10 countries on 2 continents. 52 copies of his poetry book were sold at this event. A local university professor made the book required reading for his fall semester class, and encouraged his students to attend Fidel’s reading. It is amazing the influence Fidel is having in the Boise community. It is B2B’s hope to bring more attention to Fidel and his work nationally and internationally.

Grace Morgan, a cousin of B2B’s founders, visited the Nshombo family in Kampala in November 2010. They enjoyed quite a bit of ime together and were able to skype Fidel from Grace’s computer and get a brief tour of Fidel’s Boise apartment and neighborhood! This family has fallen in love with Grace after 2 visits from her in 2010. Gelord Nshombo sums it up perfectly on a 12/3 facebook post, well afer her visit, where he is clearly just thinking about her: “I like mum Grace!”

B2B is working on an exciting connection with a Rwandan priest who is building a “Center For The Peace” on the shores of beautiful Lake Kivu which borders both Rwanda and Congo (DRC). A Jackson Hole resident has worked with this priest for 2 years both in the US and Rwanda to help him further his vision. We are talking with her about bringing Fidel and the priest together in 2011. Stay tuned for further developments. This connection has fabulous potential to ripple out across many Americans and Africans who care about peace and healing.

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