A Local Celebrity Needs YOUR Help!

If you haven’t yet, please go check out this story on the local news.

It’s rather amazing that Fidel Nshombo can garner so much attention and success yet still struggle to make ends meet.  This is the reality of refugee life.  We at Boise to Bukavu Inc. (B2B) are determined that Fidel achieve the American dream of supporting himself and his family.  We need supporters to get through these next 1-2 years where Fidel and our organization are still the sole support of his family of 10 family members in Uganda – six of whom are in school or need to be in school.  We also try to provide funds for Fidel’s windowed sister to keep her 5 kids in school.

Fidel is a national success by any standards other than financial.  He was chosen as Idaho’s delegate to the national conference to address refugee issues in Washington DC this past summer, he will be the keynote speaker to a conference in Chicago in 2 weeks, and yesterday the City of Boise honored Fidel with the Mayor’s Award for his humanitarian service to their community.  It has taken Fidel only 5 years in the U.S. to achieve this sort of recognition.  However, this recognition does not come with financial reward other than an occasional modest speaking fee.   Fidel and B2B still struggle every quarter to cover the minimal expenses of his family (housing, food, medical and school fees) in Africa.   We sell his poetry volume online at this site, but that is a way to share his amazing work with the world, more than a way to raise the type of funds we need.
Truly, what we need most is your tax deductible donation Boise To Bukavu, Inc. so that we can apply 100% of it towards his family’s sustenance.  Can you help us to help the Nshombo family?!   Every little bit helps!  $25 will feed this family for several days!  No contributions are too small, and all contribution is hugely appreciated.   Thank you!