Life in the fast lane

It just keeps happening.  Every time I turn around 2 things have happened.  1.  Too much time has passed since we last updated everyone.  2. Fidel has gone and done more amazing things.

Big news item #1.  Fidel is a US Citizen!  Yeah – I know.  Wasn’t he ALWAYS a citizen?  Truth is, although he’s done more for his City, and this Country, than many, he’s just now achieved formal citizenship.  So cool and we are so proud to call him a fellow US Citizen.

Big news item #2.  He was honored yesterday for his dedication to Boise.  Even got a key from Mayor Bieter!  To top it off –  he was on the news.  Go check it out.    So – he’s an ‘honored’ Boise citizen only weeks after becoming a US Citizen.  Not too bad.

Fidel – you constantly amaze me and I’m so proud of you.