Sapphire Room Address – Good News – and Thank You

If you weren’t able to make the Celebration at the Sapphire Room I’m sorry for you.  You missed a hugely entertaining and inspiring evening.   We hope to put up some additional photos and videos of the party part but we’ll lead with the video of Fidel’s address to the group of friends who were there.   Most of the folks there knew Fidel well, and yet, as he always does, he still managed to inspire us all immensely.  Some to tears.

Briefly I want to say  thank you on behalf of Fidel and Aline, Boise to Bukavu and all of our friends, for the role  you’ve played in helping him get his family here.  If you haven’t heard, the entire family has been selected for relocation to Canada and with perseverance and some luck should be there (here) by the end of the year.  The money raised at this event will go a long way to help make that happen.

Peace to all – and without further ado – here’s Fidel.