New Friend / Old Friend

We’ve added a new friend to our friends list. (Look right – where we have links to other blogs).  Be the Change, Inc., however, isn’t a new friend.  Peggy Doucette, whom those close to Fidel know well as one of his Boise “Mom”s, was partnering with them when she visited the family in Uganda.  She’s been working with them since 2009 but we’re just now adding them to our website.  Below is a little blurb about the group.

Be the Change, Inc. is an accredited 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, working primarily in eastern Africa. The mission is to build partnerships between both adult and student leadership groups in US and Africa to develop sustainable projects at the grass-roots level.
BTC Boise was formed in 2009, the same year that trip participants met Fidel Nshombo, a Congolese refugee now living in Boise, Idaho. Just before the team left for Uganda, Fidel had found out that his family was alive and living in a refugee camp in Uganda. 48 hours later, the team, housed in the outskirts of the capital city of Kampala, heard a knock on the compound door and we met Arnold, Fidel’s younger brother. In the ensuing years, trip participants have had the honor of visiting with Fidel’s family, helping to support and celebrate (40th wedding jubilee) with them.

What it doesn’t say is that Peggy, a Doctor here in Boise, provided some much-needed medical services while visiting and that we’re forever in debt to her for that.  So – go check them out, donate, volunteer or all of the above.