Holiday Update

As the holiday season is upon us, it is time to give thanks for the health and well being of the Nshombos in Uganda.  Life there is not without challenges, but as usual they push through and focus on creating a better future.  We think that future is going to become much better soon!  2015 should see the Nshombos relocated to Canada.  They have gone through last phases of the UNHCR relocation process before they are actually relocated.  They have been told they have been accepted into Canada, but they do not know where in Canada yet!  We, of course, hope for Vancouver or another western Canadian city, but wherever they are, it will be a wonderful new opportunity for them to live safely and securely for the first time in decades.

Fidel, Aline and their 3 girls, Joyce, Jocelyne and Jeanette, are looking for a house in Boise as their roots are here and Boise NEEDS them!  Obviously, travels to Canada will be in their future!  For that matter, travels to Canada will be in our future too as we will finally get to meet the family we have known by phone and internet for about 8 years.

We would love to provide some special holiday gifts for the Nshombos on what we assume will be their last Christmas in Uganda.  We appreciate any donations you can provide to Boise To Bukavu to help with this, and their final months in Uganda. We continue to support the kids in school and provide housing and food money until they are relocated.  Please click our “Donate” button if you are able to help this holiday season.  Thank you!