Fidel Nshombo
Founder of Boise To Bukavu. Lives in Boise, Idaho after escaping violence in the Congo as a 12-year-old. After 8 years, Fidel was granted refugee status and resettled in Boise. He serves as a community leader, inspirational speaker, and a poet.

Keith and Ruth York
Co-founders of Boise To Bukavu in 2008. Ruth is a public health professional and Keith is a business professional. Both have a passion for helping refugee populations assimilate successfully through enhanced resources and supports and an improved community awareness of their needs and challenges.

Joseph Achana
Joseph, from Ghana in West Africa. Was a school teacher in Ghana and now a mental health specialist with Lifeways in Ontario Oregon. Joseph enjoys family, soccer, and music from the hymn makers.

Anthony Mukuna
Anthony moved to the US from DR Congo several years ago. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has an extensive financial and budgeting background with years of experience in the financial industry and State Government. He will help the project with all budget and financial matters.

Michael McLeod
Michael McLeod is an all-around creative developing Boise to Bukavu’s marketing and creative campaigns. He will assist on the ground in the Congo with construction and media production.

Safari Buhendwa & Deborah Mp.Cimusa
Bishop Safari Buhendwa & Evangelist-prophetess Deborah Mp.Cimusa are the Founders of Fire Ministries For Jesus Christ In The World located in Bukavu Dem Rep of Congo.

Chris Marshall
Born in New York but educated in the UK Chris gained a BA(Hons) in International Relations & politics. His career took him from flying helicopters in the British navy to CEO of a $300M international electronics company before retiring in 2016.

Jeannine Antoniou Smith
Jeannine established the Small village Foundation in 2002. She is the author of ‘Throwing the Bones’, a compilation of her stories of Africa.

Laurel Profit
Laurel is a writer and graphic artist specializing in book cover design and book formatting. Laurel is helping Boise to Bukavu with marketing materials.

Annie McLeod
Annie works with nonprofits and other community organizations to develop and maintain their websites and online presence. Annie is assisting the Boise To Bukavu team with their website.