The Early Days of Boise To Bukavu

Boise To Bukavu, Inc. was started by Ruth and Keith York in Boise, Idaho.  It is a community organization that helps African refugees create successful, self-sustaining futures.   We work locally within Boise to assist our own community with understanding the assimilation needs of refugees.  We also assist the Nshombo family of Kampala, Uganda with daily sustenance, educational and vocational … Continue reading The Early Days of Boise To Bukavu


Arnold and Judith Nshombo  are Fidel's younger brother and sister.  Arnold is currently 17 and Judith is 19 years old.  They were separated from the family when they were 6 and 8 years old.  Soldiers raided their village in Bukavu, Congo, broke into their home and started assaulting their parents.  An older sister ran out of … Continue reading Nshombos