Boise To Bukavu Project

In the fall of 2017, Fidel returned to Bukavu to see how the communities had changed during his absence. Fidel arrived first in Goma via Uganda and Rwanda to find a place vastly different from when he left. Since that time, Goma was affected by the eruption of a volcano in 2002. Lava flows were everywhere…. in people’s backyards and across roads. Sadly, essential services such as piped water and electricity still haven’t been established in this city of 800,000. The country remains some distance away from true stability. The government has ensured greater security, although millions of peaceful families continue to suffer the effects of inadequate facilities, services, and healthcare.


During this trip, Fidel was able to identify a multitude of needs to help improve communities. In working with local community members, the most critical need identified is to develop a solution for the lack of primary education. The solution includes a primary schoolhouse in the heart of Bukavu, long-term sustainability goals, and sponsorship opportunities for students. The primary school model Fidel has decided to help implement would provide 7 classes each with 30 students – kindergarten through grade 6. Additionally, it is planned to include a medical dispensary, community room, office building and even a library/computer room. The student body would consist of 50% sponsored students and 50% paying students. Payments collected would cover around half of the $40,000 annual running costs. Self-sustainability is a large part of operation goals for this school. By incorporating sufficient land that is available for farming and other activities that can assist in this goal.

We are grateful for your support in helping Boise To Bukavu achieve this goal!