Project Guiding Principles

We value your support of this project and hope to share the organization’s guiding principles with you as we work to achieve primary education in Bukavu.

  • To enable donors to see funding go directly to the project
  • To empower donors to feel part of the process
  • To ensure the fund collection process is easy, transparent, and secure
  • To complete the construction of the school, equip it, and staff it appropriately
  • To meet or exceed all relevant building and safety codes
  • To keep construction simple
  • To provide basic but effective education and medical care
  • To provide a legacy for the community

What sets Boise To Bukavu apart?

Boise To Bukavu is not a charity set up in the wake of the one-off disaster, nor is it the creation of governments or large NGOs.

Boise To Bukavu is the brainchild of Fidel Nshombo, a refugee with a deep personal understanding of the needs of that community.

Boise To Bukavu doesn’t seek to change the world, rather it seeks to make a genuine difference on the ground in a desperately needy community.

All funds received go directly into the charity’s building project.