Securing Freedom for Families

Prior traveling back to his hometown in 2017, Fidel Nshombo was extremely saddened to learn that hospitals in the area confine women and their newly born babies after childbirth if the women are unable to pay their hospital bills. The women and infants are kept in poor conditions with limited supplies and food. Sometimes, they would be expected to sleep on the floors of hospital rooms where other patients were seriously ill. The women and their children would not be permitted to leave until their bills were paid.

Through Boise To Bukavu, Fidel raised $2,000 to assist with these bills and to secure freedom for as many women in need as possible. This money freed 15 women and their children.

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The commitment to this urgent need is one Boise To Bukavu holds on to dearly. It is a commitment that finds support in the ultimate goal of providing primary education in the community. Through many conversations with women Fidel assisted, he heard time and again that education was a great need still unmet.

“They kept saying all they needed, despite the hunger and the poverty, all they needed was for me to take one of their kids and sponsor their child through school.”

Boise To Bukavu intends to do exactly that through its mission of building a sustainable primary school.

Visit our Donate page to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign that will make this project possible!

(“Boise To Bukavu has a new mission to build a primary school”, 2018)