The Primary School

A critical need in the community identified – Boise To Bukavu is determined to establish primary education for all in Bukavu.

The Details:

The school would consist of 50% sponsored students and 50% paying students. Payments collected would cover around half of the $40,000 annual running costs. School details include 7 classes each with 30 students. Kindergarten through grade 6.

Sufficient land will also be available for farming and other activities that can assist the school to be self-sustainable in the future.

Community Effort:
The project is right in the heart of Bukavu. Some 45 minutes drive from the Rwandan Border and just 30 minutes from Downtown Bukavu. Additionally, it is planned to include a medical dispensary, a community room, office building, and even a library/computer room.

The Plan:

The land

Fidel was endowed with land in Bukavu of the ideal size and location and he has donated the land to the project.

The construction
It is estimated that construction will cost around $100,000, which is the primary fundraising goal of Boise To Bukavu. The team has launched a campaign to raise $10,000 by Fall 2018 ahead of a planned trip to start construction. Contribute here.

Ongoing running costs
We hope to raise around $40,000 annually to continue supporting the vulnerable communities close by. Costs include land purchase, construction materials, labor, school equipment, staffing, and running costs.

What We Have:

We have the land where the buildings will be constructed.

We have an engineer in place in Bukavu to design the buildings.

We have a collaboration with the Fire Ministry, a Christian Church in Bukavu, advising on issues and assisting in the hiring of staff.

We already have offers of volunteers from the community and beyond who will minimize running cost.

What We Need:

Help to the set-up of Boise To Bukavu as a non-profit and 501c3 organization.

Assist in contacting the many support agencies we need to reach.

Support for marketing efforts to promote the project. We hope to launch an ongoing campaign in Spring 2019.

Technical know-how to manage social media.

Material and equipment, for the school and dispensary.

Visit our Donate page to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign that will make this project possible!