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Help Build A School In The Congo

What’s the value of an education? 

Fidel Nshombo has a dream. When he was 12, rebels from neighboring Rwanda invaded his hometown of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), causing him to flee without his family.  For 20 years, many of which were spent alone on the dark continent before he was relocated to Boise, he dreamed of going back. In 2008 Fidel, Ruth and I started Boise to Bukavu to help him locate, house and educate his family.  We succeeded and most of his family made it safely to Canada, but he still wanted to return.  Bukavu was his home.

In the fall of 2017, he did go back, and what he found was disturbing.  Like much of DRC, Bukavu is in economic crisis.  Poverty manifests itself in many ways, but the impact on education is acutely visible.  Even though school costs only $6 a month, many families can’t pay so schools are few and far between.

Part of Fidel’s dream is to create an educational institution.  More than just a building, his vision is for an end-to-end educational system.   Building and staffing the school will be a large undertaking and will require much support.  Our initial fundraising campaign is aimed at proving that we can get support for tuition.  And, amazingly, $9,720 is the tuition required to educate 30 students for 6 years!   Raising that money provides the evidence that we can get the community behind  Fidel’s vision.  This first round of funds will go in the bank and remain untouched until the school is built.

$54 funds one child’s education for a full year, $324 for the full 6 years required to graduate from Primary School.   Thank you in advance for your contribution to this amazing endeavor, Boise To Bukavu is grateful!