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Fidel possesses an incredible sense of self-awareness. It’s one of the tools he uses to survive.  That self-awareness motivated him to start writing poetry.  He may not have even known at the time why he was writing, but he does now.  His writing is the path toward healing.   When he has nightmares, he writes, and sometimes the nightmares go away.  When he has hope, even after all he’s been through, he writes about that hope as a reminder to himself.  His writing is a way to try to make sense of everything that has gone on around him, or at least to put in it’s proper place.

Fidel now has two volumes of poetry in publication.  They are Route To Peace Volumes 1 and 2.

Each book is $25.00 which includes tax and shipping.  100% of the proceeds from each book sold goes directly to Africa to support Fidel’s family, still living as refugees in Africa.


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  1. keep up with the good job

  2. Dear Fidel,

    Its with great pleasure that I’ve landed on your website while searching something else on Google.
    I feel inspired and touched by your story that I stongly believe will go a long way in bringing hope into many young peope’s lives.

    You may not remember me(Pascal Mulindwa, the elder brother of Dancy), but I recall that we were in the same estate(Bugabo) more than ten years ago and your Mum was a friend to my Mother (Mama Dancy).

    I also left the country(DR Congo) and now am living in Nairobi-Kenya. Since I arrived here, I’ve been involved in many volunter and mentoring works with lacol NGOs and for sure I have seen the hand of God all through.

    For now, am working on a project called BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF EAST AFRICA and in the near future, it will give me pleasure to invite you to talk and motivativate some refugees’ children we are supporting.

    Hoping to hear from you soon, I wish you all the best in all your initiatives.

    Pascal Mulindwa

  3. […] Fidel Nshombo is a poet, and a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda.  After the conflict he spent a decade on the run in Africa, and finally found himself living in my hometown of Boise, Idaho.  Here he spreads awareness of the continued plight of those in Rwanda and elsewhere.  He reads his poetry at events and uses his writing as a “path toward healing.”  Check out his poetry! […]

  4. You are so amazing. I would have never known this is what your story is. I am humble by your struggles and strenghts. Keep it up…

  5. My heart goes out to you and your family. ❤
    May God grant us the peace we are searching for.

  6. Man i remember couple years ago when we were in the battle field of life together , you used to dream of being a song writter , an artist , now u see the real dream came true coz u still in the same boat ..

    keep it up Brother ,, you are one in a Billion.. of those poeple we struggled with , but who still has , courage and ambitions for his dream

  7. Hey Grand frere… a single sentence ” you are the kind of person that cannot be seen everyday”. I admire you so much because of your charisma and your leadership skills.Since meeting and playing soccer together with you here in Boise,Your positive natural character seems to multiply by day.We are all Africans from the richest continent in the world yet the least developed too.While hoping for the best bro, the struggle continues.Keep up.

  8. I am inspired and would love to read more about Fidel’s story. Is there a place in Boise where we can purchase the book locally?

    • Yes! This week Fidel is speaking at the Black History Museum Thursday evening at 7 pm and his book will be for sale there. Rediscovered Books at 8th and Idaho also has copies. If you buy by Thursday 11/11, the full proceeds go to Fidels’ family. After that, the book will remain on the shelves at Redicovered books and they will take a 30% cut. Either way, you support a great cause and a great bookstore! Thank you for your interest and support of Fidel! He is an inspiring speaker, so I hope you can attend Thursday evening!

  9. […] than 13 years, Nshombo was reunited with his family in Africa. Nshombo is also a published author, writing poetry about his experience. He uses those proceeds to help support his siblings’ education in […]

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